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Newsletter: Perspectives on Power Platform

Company: Niiranen Advisory Oy

Reopen tasks with Power Fx & custom command bar button

Using the command designer in Model-driven Power Apps to add new buttons for activity tables, to perform common status change actions. Exploring how the modern commanding features and Power FX formulas can be used in scenarios that previously required Ribbon Workbench and JavaScript.

Virtual Dataverse tables with no code, via Connectors

How to bring external data from SQL Server tables into your Model-driven Power Apps with the new Virtual Connector Provider. This blog posts demonstrates how you can transparently combine the virtual & physical data onto a single screen for the users to work on.

Making Model-driven Power Apps visible (and hidden)

Managing end user access to Model-driven apps isn't as straightforward as with Canvas apps. Here's how the list of Power Apps actually works and what the "share" feature does & doesn't do for Model-driven app.