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How Microsoft Teams can scale up low-code: my 5 min explanation

Video of my presentation from Microsoft Ignite 2020 event: "How Power Platform Now Empowers All Microsoft Teams Users".

At the virtual Microsoft Ignite 2020 event I had chance to join many fellow Finns in our FIgnite session and spend 5 minutes on highlighting a topic that I considered to be important in the MS ecosystem right now. It turned out to be an easy choice to make.

Project Oakdale (briefly known as Dataflex) is bringing the low-code/no-code functionality from Power Platform into the hands of pretty much all the information workers leveraging Microsoft 365 tools in their day-to-day job. This is not so much about any single technical feature as it is a change in mindset about who the app makers should be. So, I set out to explain this my 5 minute presentation titled How Power Platform Now Empowers All Teams Users.

This is all part of the larger Microsoft Teams as a platform story that I covered in my previous pre-Ignite blog post. It’s no surprise that MS has created much more content around this topic than you could have ever expected to see on Power Apps or Power Automate as independent technologies. It’s a sign of the size of the audience to which this “no cliffs” application platform message is now targeted at.

Will the inclusion of “CDS Lite” in the Microsoft Teams subscriptions prove to be a gateway drug that makes Common Data Service a household name in Microsoft 365 customer organizations? And if so, what will the actual brand name be for Project Oakdale once wre’re past the preview phase? Time will tell!

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