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Dataverse meets Teams: my presentation at #TeamsNation 2022

Exploring Dataverse for Teams opportunities for low-code app makers. How to position Dataverse for the Microsoft Teams user audience & limits to keep in mind.

I had the pleasure of attending the Teams Nation conference on March 23rd, alongside more than 4000 Microsoft Teams community members. Not only that, they also allowed a former XRM geek like me to do a presentation on the Power Platform track. So I did.😄

Since I’ve recenly been working a lot with Dataverse for Teams, that was a natural topic to cover in a Teams related event. My session was titled “Dataverse meets Teams: low-code app opportunities for everyone”.

I first explained the big picture of what Dataverse means, the demonstrated three different apps our team has built on top of DV4T. Finally, a few words on the known limitations of the Teams based Dataverse environments and how you need to take them into consideration in your solution architecture design.

The slides are available for download on SlideShare, or you can browse through them in the embedded version below:

The session recording from Teams Nation 2022 is also now available on YouTube:

If you’re planning to build apps into a Dataverse for Teams environment, then be sure to also check out my earlier blog post on the solution management experience in DV4T.

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