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The new Polaris UI in practice

CRM Online users may have already started thinking about when their organization would be getting the December 2012 Service Update. The good news is that we have an actual release date now, but the bad news is that it’s not in December 2012. Check out this link for more details, including the release date for cross-browser support for on-prem CRM in the form of Update Rollup 12.

Anyway, as we await for the new process flow oriented user experience to be enabled in the cloud, here’s some nice live footage of how the new UI works in practice. In this YouTube video Reuben Krippner walks us through the changes you can expect to see in your CRM once the December 2012 Service Update has been applied.

Some things worth paying attention to in the video include:

  • The browser client running on Chrome (including administrative UI)
  • New social dashboard including the Activity Feeds web part
  • Inline editing and adding of subgrid items (notice the lack of any save buttons)
  • Recording a completed phone call directly on the lead form
  • Lookup existing contacts or accounts from the Process Control component
  • Transition from a lead to an opportunity without any popup window appearing
  • Moving forward and backward freely in the process stages
  • Editing process stage fields with the Process Control Customization Tool
  • The new forms in the customization UI (and the lack of support for any form scripts in this release)
  • Simplified UI of the iPad Sales Experience browser client on Safari



  1. There’s a little bit more information in an (extremely long) partner training video. One of these links might work for you:

    [Fast forward to between arround1 – 2 hours (from memory) for Reuben’s bit.]

    In particular Skype Integration is mentioned a bit more with hints on a new phone number format field including country code etc. See also the setting below the Bing Maps one in the U-Tube video you reference. Also licensing costs for Yammer, Bing Maps (free), and additional organisations on Office 365 platform.

    • Thanks, Simon. I actually watched the US partner training “blitz” session live and it contains a wealth of important information on upcoming functionality. Since it’s been published to Microsoft partners only, I’ve hesitated to directly reference any information that is not available from another source yet (hence not publishing the timeline slide on my blog). They did promise to make the slides from that session available for download on PartnerSource “tomorrow”, but up until today none of it has been published there yet (assuming the search on that website works). Knowing this I grabbed a few screenshots of the presentation myself, just in case…

      There’s also a good summary available on Zero2Ten’s blog at

  2. Anyone find the CRM 2011 server download for the rollup? The KB2795627 references download links for only client and mui exe files but not the server. Nothing in windows update yet either.

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